February 22nd - Angela Davis Speaks

Angela Davis Speaks - Angela Davis, 1971

This album was recorded in the New York Women's House of Detention in 1971, during the two months that Angela Davis was held in New York before being transferred to California to stand trial. When it was released her trial for capital crimes had still not begun, and given that she had been transferred back to California, and the very public manner in which charges had been brought against her, it would seem a very good bet that she would spend the rest of her life in prison at best. And with that in mind her manner in this interview is incredible. She is confident throughout, and one has to wonder if she is confident because she knows that even if incarcerated or killed she will have worked for her cause. She gives such a cogent defense of her beliefs - giving George Jackson's age when he was incarcerated, the address of the Defense committee, urging listeners to send books for the inmates at the House of Detention - that it's difficult to believe that she could very well be sentenced to death. But this album is a testament to Davis' strength, which she continues to bring to struggles for justice today.

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