February 14th - Feelings of Love Not Yet Expressed

Feelings of Love not Yet Expressed: An Album of Poetry by the Neo Black Women in Poetry - China Clark, Jo-Anne McKnight, and Amirh Bahati, 1976

It's Valentine's Day, and so I figured an album about love would be in order - an album of pieces by three black woman poets, recited almost on top of one another, concerned largely with "selves loving selves loving other selves loving themselves," as a repeated line puts it. The poems included speak about black womanhood, romantic and erotic love, developing self-love and abolishing self-hate. The format is just as interesting as the text themselves - the artists take turns reading, but there are no liner notes or attributions, and little indication that one poem has ended and another has begun. So it ends up being an almost overlapping stream of texts - it can be a little hard not to just fall into distraction just listening to the very strong and distinct voices of the artists. The pieces are very good, although a little 1970s - of course there's a reference to swimming with dolphins! - and keeping in with the theme of the day!

Click here to read liner notes or purchase this album from Smithsonian Folkways.