February 10th - Snoopycat: The Adventures of Marian Anderson's Cat Snoopy

Apologies that this entry is a full day late and will probably be a little short - I was at work until midnight and didn't get a chance to write!

Marian Anderson was an American contralto - one of the most celebrated voices of the 20th century, who played a major role in desegregating American concert halls when she performed at the Lincoln Memorial in protest of being denied permission to sing in DC's Constitution Hall. Although she was internationally recognized as an incredible talent, and sang many selections from operas in her recitals and concerts, she only performed in one opera - in the process becoming the first black person to perform at the Met.

She also had a cat!

This album is a recorded story with songs about Anderson's small black cat, who she called Snoopy or Snoopycat. Set at Anderson's farm in Danbury, Connecticut, the story - written by Frida Sarsen-Bucky - tells how Anderson adopted Snoopycat, and recounts her adventures on one moonlit night. It's really adorable, and while it is always weird to hear someone with an operatic style of singing perform children's songs, it's definitely enjoyable!

Click here to read liner notes and purchase this album from Smithsonian Folkways