January 11th - Futuribile: The Life to Come

Futuribile: The Life to Come - Gianni Safred, 1980

Imagine an album of music produced by an Italian synth composer in 1980. Imagine there are songs with names like Disco Satellite and Jazz Computer. Really just form a complete idea, in your mind, of what that album would sound like.  Well, you're right. You are 100% correct. That is EXACTLY what Futuribile: The Life to Come sounds like. It is a little cheesy and "futuristic" and it's also very, VERY good. The songs are extremely catchy and driving and you can actually imagine putting this album on, in 1980, and thinking yeah, this sounds exactly how August 2001 will be. 

There's not a lot of information online about Gianni Safred; the album liner notes that he was Trieste-born and ran a music studio there. Additionally, it mentions a long working relationship with Italian public television station RAI, which explains why the liner notes take care to say exactly what sort of visual images would pair well with individual pieces: this is basically an album of library music, the much-beloved-amongst-collectors accompaniment music that broadcasters could pull from whenever they needed. But unlike library music, this music was actually commercially released for our listening pleasure.

And the album is pure pleasure.  It is a delight to listen to. Let it seep into your forebrain and plant images of a future that never came.

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