January 31st - Ship in the Clouds

Ship in the Clouds - Andy Cahan, Laura Fishleder and Lisa Ornstein, 1978

This is a fun one! Almost entirely instrumental "old-time" music here, with an emphasis on rare and unusual tunes - provenances are given in the liner notes, ranging from well-known fiddlers like Bruce Molsky to local musicians to old records. The liner notes also reveal that Lisa Ornstein had been active in song collecting through the Library of Congress and NEH since she was 17, which is probably where some of the more obscure tunes come from. Ornstein's bio also mentions that she was at the time of release just leaving on a one-year fellowship to study fiddling in Quebec; her bio on her current website indicates that this fellowship was the start of a life-long and professional relationship with French-Canadian music.

Oh yeah! Everyone on this album is really young, and it seems like they were all recent grads or current students at Oberlin when this album came out, which is kind of neat/makes me personally extremely jealous. Andy Cahan ended up playing keyboards for the Turtles and, according to his very effusive website, is the most famous musician you've never heard of; Laura Fishleder is now an interior designer in Houston.

I haven't been camping since last April, but before then we went an awful lot. Upstate New York is amazing and it's really nice to sit by a fire as the sun sets, listening to music playing from my phone, amplified by sitting in a metal bowl. This is precisely the kind of music that is perfect to listen to, and this spring - when we take Izzy on her first camping trip - I think it's going to be in heavy rotation.


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